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Ft Meade/NSA Adult League Rules
 Ft Meade/NSA Rules of  Play
High School rules will be the standard.
Conduct of Play
COED Division
1.         Max of 7 Male players on the field at any given time
2.         Hot Head Rule - Player MUST leave the field of play
3.         No Slide Tackling into or near an Opponent. Advantage does apply. Restart is a Direct Free Kick. Continued Sliding is Persistent Infringement.
4.         In a Playoff shoot out, the first 5 shooters must be 3 male and 2 female. Gender for gender after the first 5 kickers. Reduce to equate by gender.
Game Time
            Teams must have 7 players to start. All games will start on time. Game Clock will start and the late team will be penalized 1 goal. 15 Minute grace period to continue the  game with enough players.
            Officials should note the details at the point the objectionable activity (ie: throwin by black at the 56th min. from the 35 yard line) takes place. If the Protest is upheld, the game will be played from the point of contention to the completion.

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