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IAAM Rules
Varsity and JV

Applicable Rules: NFHS Rules

Regular Season:

Varsity: 40-minute halves; Two (2)10-minute sudden victory overtimes; tie

Junior Varsity: 35-minute halves; tie (No playoffs or Championships)

Playoff and Championship:

40 minute halves; Two (2) 10-minute sudden victory overtimes; penalty kicks; (1 group of five; if still tied, next group of five, sudden victory).

Three-person Officials’ Crew to be used for all play-off and championship games.


• Uniforms must have numbers front and back
• If there is lightening, play will be stopped for 30 minutes, and then for
thirty minutes more if it is seen again. The Official has the authority to
decide whether the game will be played or not.
• No excessive celebration (taunting, disrobing, piling on)
• No jewelry (piercing of any kind including mouth and naval) -player will
be removed until jewelry or piercing removed
• No foul language will be tolerated - yellow card will be issued
• Portable goals must be properly secured or official can refuse to work game
• Home team must provide 3 game balls and 2 ball runners
• Teams can play a "player down," then sub on a dead ball for injuries or cards

Championship Determination: Single Elimination.

 Middle School Soccer
  1. Games will consist of two (2) - 25 minute halves;
  2. If the game ends in a tie, there will be no overtime;
  3. Teams will play straight soccer rules;
  4. Substitutions will be allowed on either team’s throw in;


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