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MPSSAA Instructions
To: All MPSSAA Officials
There are several items of importance for everyone planning to officiate during the 2015-16 season:
Please read carefully all new and different procedures!
1)      National Federation Rules Exams for all sports will be administered on Arbiter Sports website, beginning Monday August TBD, 2015 at 12:01AM and closing September TBD, 2015 at 11:59PM.  You can review your test information beginning September TBD, 2015 and ending October TBD, 2015 at 11:59PM. Tests for Fall and Winter Sports are online at Arbiter   You will no longer go to NFHS (  

2)      To officiate interscholastic contests, MPSSAA requires every official to score a minimum (passing score) of seventy-five percent (75%).   To officiate a State Tournament assignment  a minimum score of eighty-five percent (85%) is required.

3)      Officials can take the test up to six times to reach 75% and/or 85%.  The reason for this is that some officials like to take the test multiple times for self-enrichment.  To achieve that, we have set the test passing score at ninety-percent (90%).  After you score a 90%, you will be prevented from retaking the test again.  Therefore, setting the passing score at 90% would achieve both goals. PLEASE NOTE, YO UWILL RECEIVE A MESSAGE THAT SAYS YOU FAILED UNTIOL YOU REACH A SCORE OF 90%. AS LONG AS YOU GOT A 75%, YOU MAY STOP AND STILL PASS.

4)      Association Administrator(s) can now pull the test scores for their officials.

1)      Clinic information can be found on MPSSAA. ORG website (LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN, UNDER OFFICIALS).  Click on “OFFICIALS”, see “INFO CENTER” (on right side of screen).

2)      Officials must attend a MPSSAA Clinic in their sport(s).

3)      Once the Clinic starts ---- the sign in sheet will be pulled.  Therefore, if you are late (miss signing in) you will have to attend another Clinic site. 


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