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Central Maryland Soccer League
Standard Game Rules

All games are played under FIFA rules with the following CMSA league modifications:
  1. Substitutions must occur at the mid-field line.
  2. Subtitutions are are at standard FIFA times. Piggy back Subs are allowed on throwins.
  3. A player receiveg a yellow card, must sub out of the match. Opposing team can have a 1 for 1.
  4. Players cannot participate unless they are listed on the team’s current stamped roster. And have a laminated ID card at the field. If either the roster or any players ID card is not available at check-in, then the game will become a league sanctioned scrimmage with the at fault being awarded a forfeit.

Game Lengths:
U08 thru 12 (08v08) = Two 25 minute halves;
U12 thru 14 (11v11) = Two 30 minute halves;
U15 thru 18 (11v11) = Two 35 minute halves

Check-In Time Requirements for Team Rosters & Player ID Cards:
Coaches must present their current SAY or US Club CMSA stamped team roster.
It is the responsibility of each coach to check his opponent's roster to verify that it has been officially stamped by a CMSA registrar.
Players must have a current valid laminated ID card of the same affiliation which matches the team roster (SAY roster = SAY card; US Club roster = US Club card).
Players must line up at check in, alphabetically as per the roster with their ID in hand.
Players without a valid ID are prohibited to participate in any game and if allowed to play will result in the game being declared a forfeit and allowed to continue as a league scrimmage. Any coach who allows a player who is not affiliated with the same USSF organization as their team to participate in a game or scrimmage will be held liable for any injury occurred.

If a team shows up without their IDs and roster, they have until halftime to produce their paperwork or the game will revert to a scrimmage game. The game can start as scheduled with the officials checking all paperwork at halftime.

Latecomers must present their ID cards to the referee before they can enter the game. The officials must check the "late" player’s ID against the team’s roster at halftime.

Teams should be ready to play at the posted game time. Teams have a 15 minute grace period

Teams & Spectators
Teams should be on opposite sides of the field from one another. A team and all their respective coaches, management and spectators should be together on the same side of the field. It will be the responsibility of each team’s coach to maintain control and attitude of his/her team and supporters. If control is not maintained, the referee has the authority to issue a warning, ejection or termination of game.

Dress Code
All players must be in matching uniforms (jersey, shorts, compression pants & matching socks)
All Jerseys must be numbered differently, no duplicates
All male players are recommended to wear protective cups
All players must wear correctly sized shin guards covered by their socks
No jewelry
No hard casts
No hard hair clips, beads or combs
No metal cleats
The goalie is allowed to wear a soft brim hat only

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