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Goddard Adult League
Here is a sumamry of the rules and procedures

All games start at 5:15pm.  Referees must be US citizens or Greencard holders (they must also have the green card with them), come to 8800 Greenbelt Rd, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (across from the K-Mart).  Park in the parking lot to the right walk into Security, and identify themselves as a referee, sign in and wait for someone from a team to complete the sign in process, and escort them to the field. They should arrive no later than 5:00pm.  After the game please remember to deposit the temporary badge in the little bin attached to the security booth on the way out.

Goddard Adults

Article V: Game Rules

All players of a particular team must wear a numbered shirt of the color assigned to that team, except for the goal keeper who shall wear a shirt distinctive in color both from his/her team and the opponent's team- (July 1990)
League play shall follow current FIFA rules with local modifications as described below:(March 1993)
Free substitution is allowed at any time when the ball is out of play over an end-line or by the team which is making a throw-in.  The referees must be notified by the Team Captains when substitutions are made.
Late arrivals of an under-strength team may enter the game at any time with the referee's permission.
If a goalie is touching the ball with any part of his hand or arm (even a single finger), he is considered to be in possession of the ball.  He cannot be interfered with, touched, or in any way hindered, nor can the ball be kicked away.  The offended team shall be awarded an indirect free-kick.  If he is playing the ball with his feet he is considered another field player.  All other FIFA rules pertaining to the goalie are still in effect.(March 1993)

The League By-Laws are attached and we generally follow FIFA rules with a few exceptions, most important being unlimited number of substitutions. Another notable practice is minimizing physical play, because all the people who play must work the next day. 
Article IV: Game Structure 

Games on weekdays shall begin at 5:15 P.M. with a 5 minute grace period.  A game shall consist of at least two 35 minutes halves, and between halves, a rest period of no more than 5 minutes shall be allowed. They will start in August Playing 45 minute halves and then move to 40 minute halves and  then to 35's as light and weather permits. Please play as long as possible each game and clarify with the coaches prior to game start.

we have a 5 min. grace period if both teams have enough to start ( 7 per side, I believe ) Clock starts at 5:15 and if both teams have seven then kick off should occur at 5:20.
Oh the coin flip / captains conference prior to the game should occur at 5:10
The 15 min. is if a team or both don't have the minimum 7 players , then the refs must wait til 5:30.
If at 5:30 the team is not on the field and ready for the kickoff then the game can be called. Offending team would forfeit the game.
Between 5:20 and 5:30 the game should start as soon as the 7 limit is reached.

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