United Premier Soccer League Rules/Manual 2019

Referee, Assistant Referee, and Fourth Official are expected to be at the field of play one hour and thirty minutes prior to game time.  The required dress for arrival and departure is dress slacks and polo type shirt. Warm ups are not permissible.

One hour prior to kickoff, the game officials shall inspect the playing field and equipment, including the playing surface, goals, netting, match balls, corner flags and markings.  In the event any problems are identified, the referee shall notify the home team field manager, who shall be responsible for correcting any problems.  The referee has the authority to postpone a game if, in the referee’s opinion, the field is unsafe for the players.

After the field inspection the Fourth Official obtains and inspects the game balls.  The home team must provide at least six game balls.  The Referee shall return all game balls to the home team upon completion of the game.

Referee, Assistant Referees, and Fourth Official discuss any special expectations, unusual field or match conditions, special rules of competition, and any special procedures.

Fourth Official collects all game day paper work.

After both coaches have completed the Game Card, one Assistant Referee collects the Game Card from the team.  Referee inspects the Game Day Score Sheet.  If a problem is identified he shall bring it to the attention of the coach.

Thirty minutes prior to kick off or as soon thereafter as practical, the Referee, Assistant Referees and Fourth Official shall check the player’s credentials against the Lineup Sheet and identify the starters and captain, inspect player equipment.  Any special instructions by the referee relating to mechanics of the game should be given at this time.  Do not lecture the players as your expectations of their conduct.


Referee, Assistant Referees and Fourth Official and starting teams enter the field together and move to the center spot at the time specified for introductions and the National Anthem. Referee carries the match ball and Assistant referees have flags furled.

Coaches and reserve players shall enter the field and walk along the sidelines to their team benches.

Introduce officiating team to captains and conduct coin toss. (This can also be done prior to introductions if more convenient).

Assistant Referees perform final check of nets and move to touch line to take offside position and unfurl flags and hold them straight done to signal readiness to start.

Fourth Official goes to sideline and checks benches for only authorized persons on the bench.  (Number and who is allowed on bench covered below).

Referee signals play to start.


All games shall be conducted in accordance with the most recent USSF/FIFA rulebook except for the exceptions noted below under the heading UPSL RULE EXCEPTIONS.

During play it shall be the responsibility of the Fourth Official to record for the game report the following:

Player who scored a goal and the time of the goal

Player credited with the assist

Player who received a caution and time

Player who is sent off and time

The Fourth Official has the responsibility of maintaining proper decorum of the players on the bench, bench personnel and particularly the coaches.  However, recognize that during any match emotions can run high.  This responsibility is often more difficult than refereeing the match since you must demand conformity with the league rules but must do so in a professional and non-abusive manner.  The manner in which bench or coach misconduct will be dealt with should be covered very carefully in your pre game discussion with the referee.  Do not become involved in a shouting match with the coach, or individuals on the bench. It does not enhance the image of  the league.  If you feel it is necessary, file a report with the League and allow the League to impose the appropriate discipline.

If during play the Referee becomes incapacitated and cannot continue to officiate the match, the Senior Assistant Referee shall become the Referee and the Fourth Official shall become the Second Assistant Referee.

If a substitution occurs, the Fourth Official shall:

Inspects substitute’s equipment

Inform near Assistant Referee of substitution

Display number of players to be substituted

Prevents substitute from entering field until player being substituted has left the field


The amount of extra time left in each half shall will be conveyed by the Referee to the Fourth Official. The Fourth Official will then display the appropriate time left in the match.


Secure game balls and all paper work and proceed to locker room.



Each team will be allowed to have a maximum of 20 players on the Game Day Roster from the unlimited Team Roster.  A substitute can be used at anytime throughout the duration of the game, at any dead ball situation.  Each team is allowed seven (7) substitutions, including the goalkeeper. A player replaced by a substitute may not return to the field in the same game.


Official time will be kept on the field by the referee.


During regular league play there is no overtime.  Game ends after two regulation half’s


A maximum of 20 players may dress for games. 


Absolutely no one but players on the Official Team Roster ,Coaches ,Managers, Injured Players and medical staff will be permitted in the bench area.   


UPSL does not utilize player passes. You will receive a roster sheet (GAME CARD)from each team which lists starters and substitutes. Use this sheet to check in players.


Each team must have two full sets of uniforms, each set being identical.   They must contain numbers on the back of jersey at least 8” high  Home team chooses colors and informs visiting team of choice. If there a conflict, visiting team must change.


Home team must provide table and water for referees at midfield.


The Team Referee Liaison shall assist the officials with pre-match, halftime and post match requests and needs.  During the match the referee liaison should be readily available and this location shall be arranged prior to kick off.  His duties shall include:

Confirm in advance of referee field inspection that field markings, nets, corner flags, bench areas meet appropriate standards and advise referees of areas in question,

Confirm proper placement of 4th official’s table,

Arrange for match balls to be inspected by the officials

Coordinate that each team has:

            Game timing Sheet

            Official Line Up

            Game Reporting Form



All Officials are required to supply their own uniform.  UPSL requires the use of the USSF uniforms.


If an emergency arises relating to the referee crew, the referee and/or team must contact the local referee assignor and David Simmons, UPSL Assignor.  See addendum for name and contact information.



Once in progress, a match may be delayed or postponed due to unfavorable weather and/or other adverse conditions beyond the control of the participating teams which would make the playing of the match impractical or dangerous. Only the referee and either the League Commissioner or Regional Commissioner have the authority to delay or postpone a scheduled match. The referee has final word on delays due to weather.

If the match is terminated by the Referee the following rules shall apply:

1 to 45 minutes played---game replayed from the start;

46 to 69 minutes played---replay second half with the same score line when game was stopped;

70 minutes or more---game considered official


Unless both teams and the referee agree to an alternate plan, teams must wait at least one hour before abandoning a match that has been delayed. The one hour grace period may be extended, up to a maximum of three hours from the time the match is delayed, if there is a likelihood of resuming the match that day. Because of the cost and difficulty of rescheduling, every attempt should be made to continue the match.

No match will be continued after the three hour waiting period without the approval of the League Commissioner or Regional Commissioner.


The UPSL considers the completion and submission of the required game reports a significant part of the Referee’s responsibilities and duties.  The following procedures must be followed:

  1. The UPSL Score Sheet must be completed, verified and signed by the referee and given to the coach of each team. 
  2. SEND OFF---Call David Simmons immediately after the game and provide

Name of player, Players team name, Reason for send off but do not detail the reason. The complete detail is to be put in your 24 hour send off report.

David contact---office 209-744-0404—cell-209-401-8207 email –redcard69@hotmail.com

  1. Send standard USSF sendoff report to David Simmons—redcard69@hotmail.com
  2. Send any supplemental report you feel is necessary to Gerald Brunner.


The referee fees are as follows:


A/R-------$60.00 each

4th --------$45.00

Fees must be paid prior to the start of the game EXCEPT for teams in the Colorado Division.


The UPSL is not responsible for travel cost incurred by the referees unless expressly approved by the UPSL in writing.  Travel must be over 50 miles one way to be considered for reimbursement.


  2. DAVID SIMMONS—209-401-8207