Referee Procedres EDP Summer League

EDP Summer League 
COVID-19  Referee Operations

Please utilize the following EDP procedures, protocol and guidance for EDP Summer League referee operations:

Remember, Referees must be mindful of their own social distancing at all times when on and off the field.

Referees are required to wear face coverings at all times when not on the field refereeing.

Anyone with symptoms must NOT work.

While masks are not recommended during periods of athletic activity, Referees and/or ARs are
permitted to wear masks during the game if they so choose. (Just as every adult should check with their doctor before a new strenuous activity, so too should Referees check before wearing a mask while exercising).

Deliberate physical contact of any kind is prohibited (i.e. no handshakes, “high fives”, etc.)

Absolutely no physical contact with players.

Referees must cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing - recommended into the nape of the elbow.

No spitting will be allowed on the field, sidelines, or anywhere on the event premise. If you are a regular ‘spitter’ by nature, carry a handkerchief in your pocket and very discreetly spit in your hankie and pocket your treasure.

Referees should bring and use all their own equipment (cards, whistles, flags). Electronic whistles rather than traditional whistles can be used. Referees should regularly disinfect their traditional whistles (this is a good idea always anyway!) It is OK if AR flags do not match. Bring hand sanitizer and use it before and after each period of play. Avoid touching your face as much as possible.

CHECK-IN procedures:  Referees do not need to check players passes. EDP Administration assumes responsibility for player verification which is performed online via electronic affidavit. Referees only need to confirm that the coach has the passes in his possession, which the coach can show the referee from an appropriate distance. Coaches will hold player passes during the game. Referees will perform a safety equipment check of players while maintaining social distance.

The coin toss should be conducted with only one participant from each team and one referee, separated according to social distance guidelines. Pick up you own flip coin or simply catch it.

Handle the ball as little as possible

Referees should enter the field from participants and each other by social distancing guidelines. Referees will follow social distancing guidelines whenever possible on and off the field.

In the event of misconduct on the field, the referee will show cards while following social distancing guidelines and will not stand directly in front of the participant. Play will be suspended by the referee until the referee can confirm the player identification with the coach.

In the event of a mass confrontation during a game, allow coaches onto the field to help assist. Again, eliminate contact
with players during this situation. Think “triangle of control” immediately.

Remember, referees are not asked to control physical distancing measures in the technical areas, along the spectators’ sidelines or anywhere OFF the field during the game. Referees have enough to do in the game itself. If there are legitimate issues occurring off the field that are interfering with play, temporarily suspend the game and ask for the coaches’ assistance. This is the same action Referees should be taking with any off-the-field issue.

When Referees’ game(s) are done for the day, go directly home, shower and put on clean clothes. All should launder clothes and uniforms after referee activities.

In short, use common sense when dealing with players and coaches. Remember to LIMIT CONTACT in all
instances. Remember, we must follow social distancing guidelines at all times when we are on & off the field.

Referees accepting EDP Summer League assignments are agreeing to follow the EDP COVID-19 referee procedures listed above

Stay safe, stay healthy and remember the spirit of the game.