IAAM League Rules

IAAM Soccer Rules

Applicable Rules: NFHS

  1. Uniforms must have numbers front and back
  2. No excessive celebration (taunting, disrobing, piling on)
  3. No jewelry (piercing of any kind including mouth and naval) -player will be removed until jewelry or piercing removed
  4. Portable goals must be properly secured or official can refuse to work game
  5. Teams can play a "player down," then sub on a dead ball for injuries or Cards
  6. The clock will be stopped after a goal (until the kick-off occurs), for an injury (but only if signaled by the referee), whenever a card is given, and at the taking of a penalty kick. JV - the clock should stop for injury only.
  7. Visiting high school soccer teams will be required to wear solid white jerseys while the home team will wear dark colors.

Home Team Responsibilities:

  • Provide three (3) game balls and two (2) ball runners. 

Special Rules or Modifications: 

Regular Season: 

  • Varsity: 40-minute halves; 2 10-minute sudden victory overtimes; tie 
  • Junior Varsity: 35-minute halves; tie (No playoffs or Championships) 

Playoff and Championship: 

  • 40-minute halves; 2 10-minute sudden victory overtimes; penalty kicks; (1 group of five; if still tied, next group of one, sudden victory).  The IAAM follows the IFAB Kicks from the Mark Process.