1. F.I.F.A. rules will govern all games, with the following modifications:
    1. Unlimited substitution.
    2. The time limit for the half will be 40 minutes.
  2. There will be two five minute overtime periods in the case of a tie, with no coaching between the two overtime periods.  If still tied at the conclusion of the overtime periods, the game remains a tie.
  3. When possible, the home team will provide two people to run the lines.  Both of these people need to keep up with the play. 
  4. The home team is responsible for providing three game balls.
  5. A red carded player will sit out the remainder of that game and the next one as well, even if that game is a league contest.
  6. Coaches who receive a red card or are asked to leave the field will sit out the next game, even if that game is a league contest.
  7. A game will be considered legal and complete if 75% of the playing time has elapsed