How to view your Arbiter Schedule

Viewing Your Schedule

  1. Sign in to your ArbiterSports account as an official
  2. Click on the Schedule

Your schedule page has four main views, which can be selected by clicking on the corresponding view in the Display menu, located on the left side of the schedule page.  The four views are

  • List View – Arbiter’s default view, which displays the games in list order, usually sorted by Date & Time.
  • View By Day – Displays game information for a specific day. To toggle forward and backward through days, click the “Previous” and “Next” buttons, located just above the day information.
  • View By Week – Displays a seven-day schedule, starting on Sunday, and ending on Saturday. Use the Scale box to designate the divisions between times in the rows box (30 min, 15 min, 60 min, etc.).   To toggle forward and backward through weeks, click the “Previous” and “Next” buttons, located just about the week information.
  • View By Month – Displays a one-month calendar view of upcoming assignments. The month name and year will be displayed in the top center title portion of the calendar.  The previous and subsequent months will be displayed to the left and right of the month title, respectively. 

List View (Continued)

By default, your list view will include all of your upcoming assignments from each group you work for.  However, you can change which games are displayed, using the Filter tool, located just above the game list.  The three filters you can use to refine your list are “Date,” “Group,” and “Include,” which returns either games, events, or both. Simply use the drop-down menus to select the filter information you want, and then click the “Apply” button on the right hand side.  Your list will refresh itself and return games according to the filters you selected.

Viewing Game Information

The List View will display the Game ID, Notes, Assigning Group, Assigned Position, Date & Time of Game, its Sport & Level, the Game Site, Home and Away Teams, listed game fee, and a Status bar, which will include an Accept or Decline box for published games.  To view additional details about the game, click on the Game ID number.  This view will let you see the contact information for other officials who are also assigned to the game.  You can also click on the site name to bring up directions to the site via Google Maps.