High School Registration Information


If you have any questions in regards to the Registration process, you can contact Mark Jennings (mark0159@outlook.com), Margie Watson (casrawat@msn.com) or Erik Endler (erikendler@verizon.net).

To work games you will need to Register on-line, pay the associated fees and pass a background check.  
Games are played all weekdays with most games being played on Tuesday and Thursday. Games start as early as 3:30.
We are now required in most of our contracts to conduct a background check on officials working with minors.  CASRA cannot use the background check of another organization or body (like USSF) because even though you have “passed” their background check, we do not have access to the results or the criteria that were used to determine how you “passed.”
There are three types of games offered by CASRA (and you can register for one, two or all types):

  • MD Private High School and Middle School (IAAM Girls and Other Girls and Boys Private Schools)
  • MD Public High School (MPSSAA games in Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties)
  • DC Private High Schools

New for 2019, CASRA has implemented a new On-line Registration process for anyone who wants to work High School and Middle School games assigned through us.  Each of the three types of games has a different registration fee.  Even if you are registering with another organization for MPSSAA and they also require a background check, you will still have to register with CASRA to have a background check done through us in-order to work CASRA games.   We are hopeful in the future that the MPSSAA or the Other Association throughout the State can work together in some way to share the results of background checks so that referees do not have to pay for multiple background checks. 
The link below will take you to the CASRA Website where you can complete your registration and pay all associated fees. Please review the Power Point Presentation on how to complete your Registration. Please review the presentation in its entirety before reaching out with questions. Please also see the additional testing and other requirements for the various types of games.

High School Registration Links

Cllck Here: HS Registration Page

Cllck Here: HS Registration Tutorial

Additional Requirements for MPSSAA Games
Information About MPSSAA Officials:


  • Be at least 18 years of age and a high school graduate.
  • Be a member in good standing with a local MPSSAA recognized officials' association.
  • Attend a MPSSAA-sponsored rules interpretation clinic for the current year.
  • Pass the National Federation written rules examination (75% is passing). Instructions below:
  • Testing Starts August 1
  • Pay the MPSSAA registration fee (through the local officials' association).
  • Pass a Background Check (required by Local Jurisdictions)


  • July 18th-7:00pm Appalachian (WMSOA) - St. Paul's Lutheran Church (400 Main St., 21773)
  • July 22nd-6:00pm Eastern Shore (ESSO) - Parkside HS
  • July 25th-7:00pm Allegany/Garrett - Mountain Ridge HS
  • July 29th-7:00pm Old Line - Winters Mill HS (Auditorium)
  • August 1st-7:00pm Metro Washington (MWSRA) – James Hubert Blake HS
  • August 6th-7:00pm Mason-Dixon/BBOWS - Parkville HS
  • August 8th-7:00pm Anne Arundel (CASRA) – Northeast-AA HS
  • August 12th-6:00pm Southern Maryland (CASRA)- St Charles HS (This has changed)
  • August 15th-6:30pm Harford County (HARSOA) - Bel Air HS

If you attend a clinic other than the 2 CASRA Sponsored ones listed above, you will need let either Margie or me know which one you attended so we can verify it with the State.

If you are registering with the MPSSAA through another group and want to do CASRA MPSSAA games as well, please just register for MD Private High School games and pay the $15 background check fee.  Then let Margie or me know who you registered with so they can confirm with the state.

Additional Requirements for Private HS & MS game in Maryland

  1. Register online and pay for the CASRA Background check.
  2. Have a working knowledge of NFHS rules.  They are different than USSF rules.

Additional Requirements for Private HS Games in DC

  1. Register online and pay for the CASRA Background check.
  2. Attend either a MPSSAA rules clinic or the DC Rules Clinic.   The DC Rules clinic is Monday August 12th at 7:30 at OSSE 810 First Street, Third Floor, Grand Hall near Union Station.  You must preregister for the DC clinic at this link on the left side under “OFFICIALS RULES INTERPRETATION MEETINGS.”
  3. Pass the National Federation written rules examination (75% is passing). Instructions below:
  4. You must complete an additional FBI background check.  To have a background check completed, please contact Sean Conley of the DCSAA office (sean.conley@dc.gov).  The cost associated with this background check will be covered by DCSAA.  There is a form you will need to take to local UPS store and get fingerprints.  If you have Secret or Top Secret Clearance you are exempt, but you still need to complete the form.


Mark Jennings